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I worked with Linda Shepard for about ten years at Habitat for Humanity of Orange County (HfHOC), where she was the CFO for most of that time.  Linda was invaluable in steering HfHOC through some very rough waters during the Great Recession, which devastated the housing industry and greatly reduced donations.  With donation revenue on the decline and the cost of building affordable homes rising rapidly, Linda had to ensure the company’s financial viability.  She set up construction loans with lenders, factored mortgage receivables, fine-tuned the home pricing, and obtained a large commission for the New Market Tax Credit Program. 


In addition to being one of the most vital contributors to the ongoing success of HFHOC, Linda has an excellent management style.   She is very ethical, and I have complete trust in her judgment about financial matters. 

Don Westenhaver, Retired Senior Financial Executive, Nissan Motor Corporation

Linda Shepard is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met!  During my tenure as Vice President, Communications, Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, I worked very closely with Linda.  I found her to be a true professional, with a wealth of knowledge about financial and operational principles and issues, and an amazing ability to come up with creative solutions for the toughest problems.   Her delightful personality and her incisive style make Linda an enormous asset for any business.

Joan Dolan Ziegler, President, JZ Communications

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