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Serving businesses and organizations to increase growth, profits and cash flow.

My name is Linda Shepard.  I founded LSC Solutions to help businesses and organizations increase their growth, profits and cash flow.  I enjoy helping my clients be successful!  LSC Solutions considers implications to ALL stakeholders (internal and external).


As a financial (CFO) and operational (COO) strategist with more than 25 years of experience:




Here are some highlights of the services we offer:

I am a professional problem solver in the world of finance and operations


I specialize in turning new opportunities into reality.

Management Consultant

CFO and COO Services

Project Management


Concept to implementation:  “Putting ideas into action”


Game Changer!


Diverse industry expertise

(For-profit and Not-for-profit)

For small businesses and organizations, fill the need for specialized services when you cannot afford a full-time CFO or COO.

For growing companies and organizations, manage the gap for CFO and / or COO services until you can afford to hire a full-time employee.

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